New Work Award - made by Ätzkunst

The social business network „Xing“, the newspaper magazine Focus and the Human Resources Manager will honor this year the „New Work Award“. With this recognition, new trends in the field of working places will be honored. The working area will get a complete change in its way. Loyalty will decrease, personal freedom will increase. How can new trends be transferred into the working space? How can new working fields be created? Therefore, Xing, Focus and the Human Resources Manager looked for companies who transferred new working fields into reality already. A jury of ten members made a pre-selection, the internet community made the final assortment.

We know the winner – but will not tell you until 26th of January, when the awarding will take place in Berlin.

The trophy for this awarding will be delivered by Aetzkunst Trophies Germany. They committee choose our Metal Round Award – a perfect acryl trophy for this event. Pure elegance of 18mm thick acryl glass, combined with a finely polished metal base, which enhances the unpretentious exquisiteness of this trophy. The finish was made with our latest UV-digital printer. As a result, we are able to deliver this beautiful award.  


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Dear Mr. Sichert,
MEGA THANKS to you and your team! I couldn't believe my eyes! UPS just delivered the follow-up order with the 8 Golf trophies for Spain. Since 1991, I've been making trophies and engraving (standard), and I can tell you the service that I experience with Ätzkunst is EXTRAORDINARY! I just had to express my thankfulness to your team!