ByBy3 korrigiert web
ByBy3 korrigiert web

Best of Business to Business Award

Fantastic - solid 100mm thick aluminum, form cut, finished in gold, silver and bronze, with individual imprint. 100% made in Germany, 100% unique.

Together with the German Market Association, we undertook a further development and a complete overhaul of the "Best of Business to Business Communication"-Awards. The so called BoB Award is the only interdisciplinary award for German, Austrian and Swiss communication agencies in the B-to-B sector and was awarded in mid-May in Berlin.

We delivered the awards and were actively involved in the development process. We thank our partners for the trust and look forward to the winners of these really great and worth seeing awards that are so unique and not comparable with any other award!

Further information, as well as the photo of the award ceremony, can be found here:

Picture of the Event:
(c) Deutscher Marketing Verband e.V., Lübeck

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ByBy3 korrigiert web

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Toby, I have to say, that clocks are amazing!!! Really fantastic! Picture looks very lovely and I like that so much! Trust - customer will be the same mind. Thank you very much for nice and professional work! Have a nice day!